Series: what’s next, germans (11): “we are assholes by birth”.

Milo Rau hosts the "World Parliament" in Berlin. A conversation about global justice and exploitative capitalism.

"In the cosmos of characters, there’s one more now: the refugee. I predict that one will still be there in twenty or fifty years. That’s not a fashion" – Milo Rau Photo: Anja Weber

Milo Rau is standing in the wings of his new play "Lenin" which premiered at the Berlin Schaubuhne in October. It is set in Lenin’s dacha outside Moscow. Rau had the country house built as a revolving stage. Now he pushes the button and Lenin’s deathbed turns around.

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Protests in tehran: iranian abandonment

Iran’s population is inhibited by something that could actually be its strength: its diversity. The recent protests are no cause for rejoicing.

Burned-out gas station after protests in Tehran on Nov. 17 Photo by Abdolvahed Mirzazadeh/ISNA/ap

No leadership, no strategy, barely namable demands. The recent protests in Iran lacked everything, including, tragically, any self-protection. Two hundred dead, maybe more. What did they die for? Compared to other uprisings around the world right now against social inequality, oppression and corrupt rule, two major disparities stand out when looking at Iran.

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Protest against anti-abortion activists: “condoms, iuds, left-wing radicals!

A demonstration for sexual self-determination took place in Munster. It was directed against a march of Christian fundamentalists.

Protest against abortion opponents in Berlin in 2012 Photo: dpa

Condoms fly and spin in the air. "My body, my choice: Raise your voice!" ("My body, my choice: Raise your voice!") shout those who threw them. One person in the chant is dressed as a unicorn. Her condom flies in an arc over the heads of the police officers. It claps on the pavement, someone steps on it.

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Press-strike column: mediocre in the champions league

All four German clubs are in the round of 16 in the Champions League. Great. But how good is German soccer really?

Julian Draxler and his club won’t make it to the top. That’s good! Image: dpa

Survived! The group stage of the Champions League is over. How good that Dortmund made it really exciting for a long time in Marseille. So we had at least a little drama to the total triumph of German soccer in Europe. All four German clubs are now in the round of 16. This has never happened before

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Time off for commander-in-chief: kramp-karrenbauer sworn in

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer was sworn in as defense minister in a special session of the Bundestag. Military spending is to increase.

Kramp-Karrenbauer during her first speech as defense minister Photo: dpa

The actual act was quickly completed. Punctually at 12 noon, Wolfgang Schauble opened the special session of the Bundestag on Wednesday. After a few whimsical words of welcome, the Bundestag president administered the one-and-a-half sentence oath of office to new Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer at 12:03. Then followed a few nice farewell sentences to her predecessor Ursula von der Leyen. At 12:05 p.m., Schauble closed the agenda item. That was the end of the formalities of democracy.

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Commentary on the cdu leadership dispute: bad timing, but consistent

The ex-secretary general of the Berlin CDU, Kai Wegner, wants to become the new state chairman one week before the European elections.

They liked each other then – now Kai Wegner wants to replace Monika Grutters as CDU leader. Photo: dpa

The timing could hardly be worse: Wanting to replace state leader Monika Grutters at the party conference eight days before the European elections on May 26 doesn’t exactly increase the Berlin CDU’s chances of winning a seat in the European Parliament. But if Kai Wegner really wants to make a difference with a view to the 2021 election for the House of Representatives, which is more important from Berlin’s point of view, then he really must claim the party chairmanship now. The next board election is not until the election year itself, too late for corrections.

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Massacre in venezuela: indigenous people criticize denial

Hugo Chavez is coming under increasing criticism for an alleged massacre of 80 Yanomami. He rejects all evidence of it.

Has found nothing: Hugo Chavez. Picture: reuters

On Wednesday, the president himself assured for the first time that there was no evidence of violence. "Fortunately, we have not found any signs of a massacre on Venezuelan territory," Hugo Chavez said during a press conference.

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Repression in turkey: tv station stormed

Police shut down the pro-Kurdish TV station IMC TV, which is critical of the government. Hundreds protested against the government’s actions.

There is great sadness after the closure Photo: dpa

The Turkish government shut down a TV station critical of the government and pro-Kurdish on Tuesday with a massive police operation. Riot police stormed the editorial office of the IMC TV channel in Istanbul around noon and halted operations. In the evening, hundreds of demonstrators protested against the closure of the station, which was justified by the government with links to the banned Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

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