Easy language | world cup: germany loses to south korea

The German team is eliminated from the World Cup. Sweden and Mexico are further in the eighth final.

German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer is very disappointed after the match Photo: reuters


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Germany is eliminated from the World Cup.

The German team could not win against South Korea.

Here is all the important info about the game.

► How did the game end?

Germany shoots no goal.

South Korea scores 2 goals.

South Korea wins.

► What was the situation before the game?

Germany plays in a group with

Mexico, Sweden, and South Korea.

Before the game there is none of the teams is sure to advance.

All teams can still make it to the final eight.

And all teams can still be eliminated from the World Cup.

Therefore, the German team wants to win against South Korea.

But the German team is also uncertain.

► How did the game go?

In the first half no team scores a goal.

Germany has the ball more often.

But South Korea has a few chances.

Also in the match Mexico vs. Sweden there are

in the first half no goals.

Therefore, everything is still possible.

In the second half Sweden scores 3 goals against Mexico.

That means:

The German team must win.

Otherwise they are out of the World Cup.

But the German players make many mistakes.

They are slow.

In injury time, South Korea scores 1 goal.

On a corner, the South Korean Younggwon Kim scores.

After that, all the German players run forward.

Even the goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

The goal is open.

And South Korean Heungmin Son can score 1 more goal.

So South Korea has 2 goals at the end of the game.

The German players are very disappointed after the game.

They can now not continue to play in the World Cup.

Germany is the last team in the group.

South Korea also can not play any further in the World Cup.

Sweden and Mexico are further in the eighth final.

Original text by: Alina Schwermer Translation by: Belinda Grasnick Published on: June 27, 2018