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Mikis theodorakis turns 95: still we love him

When the military putsched in Greece, songs by Mikis Theodorakis brought fighting spirit to every corner. He turns 95 on July 29.

Mikis Theodorakis at a concert in Gottingen in 1977 Photo: Imago Stock&people

Greek primeval rock, musical genius, living legend, folk hero, opportunist and also traitor – Theodorakis has been given numerous titles in the course of his long life. Musically, he is considered an undisputed genius – but his political commitment has repeatedly brought him into criticism. He turns 95 on Wednesday.

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Crisis in burundi: days of fear in bujumbura

Protests have not been held for a long time. Shortly before the presidential election, fear of armed confrontation prevails.

Back then they still dared: protesters in Bujumbura, early June. Photo: ap

As the policemen turn the corner, residents cautiously peek out of their courtyard gates. A few men venture into the narrow alley and peek where the uniformed men have disappeared to. "We don’t trust them, they shoot and kidnap people," says a 30-year-old who won’t give his name. Fear is running rampant.

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Rent policy in social housing: maximum dissatisfaction

The Senate wants to reduce rents by linking them to income. However, a first draft on this has met with fierce criticism.

Kotti & Co activists at a demonstration in 2012 Photo: dpa

There was a remarkable amount of praise for the coalition agreement from urban policy initiatives, and even during the Holm affair there was an unusual unity between extra-parliamentary actors and the urban development department under Senator Katrin Lompscher (Left Party).

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Maritime distress and government crisis in italy: squabbling over the “open arms

Italy’s Prime Minister Conte is going on the offensive against Interior Minister Salvini on the issue of sea rescue. The government crisis has thus taken a new turn.

Plaything of politics: The "Open Arms" lies off the coast of Lampedusa Photo: SeaWatch/dpa

The Italian head of government had been called a puppet, he seemed to be the straw man of the right. But in the current government crisis, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is going for confrontation – and on Thursday turned on his opponent, right-wing Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, on the issue of refugees.

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Clean energy through hydrogen: the stuff dreams are made of

With its "hydrogen strategy," the German government wants to advance the energy transition. But before that, a lot of problems have to be solved.

Hydrogen is the most common chemical element in the universe – but not in the earth’s crust Photo: Alexander Limbach/imago

There was a six-month delay, many different drafts and a lot of back and forth, especially between the ministries for research, economy, environment and transport – but then the German government was finally able to present its widely announced "National Hydrogen Strategy" in June.

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Government crisis in austria: vienna enters new political territory

After the FPo leaves the government, experts are to fill the vacant posts. The SPo demands the recall of the entire government.

Kicked out: Herbert Kickl Photo: dpa

Herbert Kickl said goodbye with malice. A few hours before Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen dismissed him from office as interior minister at the suggestion of Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, he passed a decree setting an hourly wage of 1.50 euros for asylum seekers. There had been weighty voices in the oVP against this chicanery, and an interim government would hardly have enacted the decree.

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Series: what’s next, germans (11): “we are assholes by birth”.

Milo Rau hosts the "World Parliament" in Berlin. A conversation about global justice and exploitative capitalism.

"In the cosmos of characters, there’s one more now: the refugee. I predict that one will still be there in twenty or fifty years. That’s not a fashion" – Milo Rau Photo: Anja Weber

Milo Rau is standing in the wings of his new play "Lenin" which premiered at the Berlin Schaubuhne in October. It is set in Lenin’s dacha outside Moscow. Rau had the country house built as a revolving stage. Now he pushes the button and Lenin’s deathbed turns around.

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Protests in tehran: iranian abandonment

Iran’s population is inhibited by something that could actually be its strength: its diversity. The recent protests are no cause for rejoicing.

Burned-out gas station after protests in Tehran on Nov. 17 Photo by Abdolvahed Mirzazadeh/ISNA/ap

No leadership, no strategy, barely namable demands. The recent protests in Iran lacked everything, including, tragically, any self-protection. Two hundred dead, maybe more. What did they die for? Compared to other uprisings around the world right now against social inequality, oppression and corrupt rule, two major disparities stand out when looking at Iran.

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