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“Fridays for future” at the kirchentag: energetic nodding of the head

Of course, climate protection is also on the agenda at this year’s Kirchentag. But often only those who are already in agreement talk to each other.

Luisa Neubauer met with broad agreement on climate protection at the Kirchentag Photo: imago-images/epd

"The people who have contributed the least are the first victims of climate change," says Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, chairman of the Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany. And adds, "One part of humanity lives at the expense of the other part. This must stop." Great applause in the packed exhibition hall in Dortmund.

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“Fridays for future” in parliament: getting a kicking

At a hearing of Friday for Future speakers in the Environment Committee, – almost – all parties want to show themselves in the most climate-friendly light.

Clara Mayer last summer on the FFF stage in Invalidenpark Photo: imago images / Muller-Stauffenberg

It has become rather quiet around the activists of Fridays for Future in the media. This is only partly their own fault, even if the decision to no longer demonstrate every Friday in the Invalidenpark may have contributed to this. It’s also the familiar media dynamic that runs every topic through all the stops once, and then pounces on the next one.

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Crisis in burundi: days of fear in bujumbura

Protests have not been held for a long time. Shortly before the presidential election, fear of armed confrontation prevails.

Back then they still dared: protesters in Bujumbura, early June. Photo: ap

As the policemen turn the corner, residents cautiously peek out of their courtyard gates. A few men venture into the narrow alley and peek where the uniformed men have disappeared to. "We don’t trust them, they shoot and kidnap people," says a 30-year-old who won’t give his name. Fear is running rampant.

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Cultural scientist on heimatlieder: “the problem is the lyrics”.

The singer Heino gave the Minister of Homeland of North Rhine-Westphalia a record with songs that the SS once sang. A scandal?

At first, North Rhine-Westphalia’s Minister of Homeland Ina Scharrenbach (CDU) gladly accepted Heino’s gift. Then she distanced herself again Photo: F. Berger/dpa

site: Mr. Fischer, when you heard about the Heino gift, what was going through your mind?

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Referendum in berlin: compulsion to transparency

An initiative is collecting signatures for a Berlin transparency law. This could help data journalism projects, among others.

The red city hall at night: The transparency law should bring light into the darkness Photo: Rolf Zollner/imago images

Months of processing time, files that have disappeared and civil servants who know nothing about what their colleagues in the authority next door are doing – information in German administrations is often buried deep. An initiative now wants to bring light into the darkness of at least the Berlin administrations with a referendum.

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Crimes increased: more and more homophobia

The number of crimes against gays and lesbians is increasing significantly. Opposition and associations demand more commitment from the federal government.

Violence against gays and lesbians? These demonstrators say no Photo: dpa

In a society as advanced as ours, one would expect that an issue like homophobia and the exclusion of minorities would no longer be a major problem. Regrettably, this assumption is a mistake. For the number of homophobically motivated crimes in Germany is higher than it has been for a long time.

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Maritime distress and government crisis in italy: squabbling over the “open arms

Italy’s Prime Minister Conte is going on the offensive against Interior Minister Salvini on the issue of sea rescue. The government crisis has thus taken a new turn.

Plaything of politics: The "Open Arms" lies off the coast of Lampedusa Photo: SeaWatch/dpa

The Italian head of government had been called a puppet, he seemed to be the straw man of the right. But in the current government crisis, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is going for confrontation – and on Thursday turned on his opponent, right-wing Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, on the issue of refugees.

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Possible new mayor of constance: the green-left charmer

Luigi Pantisano could be elected as the new mayor of Constance on Sunday. The leftist is supported by a broad alliance.

Poster boy for bourgeois as well as climate activists: Luigi Pantisano wants to become mayor of Constance Photo: private/dpa

The man already has a streetlamp bearing his name in Constance. The so-called Luigi Pantisano memorial luminaire illuminates a skaters’ square and is a reminder of the time when the studied urban planner started his first job as a neighborhood manager in Constance.

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Sahel and islamism: protest against profiteers

The less than effective foreign interference in Africa in the fight against Islamists is meeting with increasing resentment from the local population.

French soldiers in action against Islamist terrorists Photo: reuters

Demonstrations against foreign intervention troops. Looting of a UN base. "Anti-imperialist" day of action. In Mali and Burkina Faso, the two states on the front lines of the war against armed Islamists in the Sahel, a phenomenon is making itself heard that is not new, but is now massively pushing its way into social discourse: a nationalism from below against the internationalization of the "war on terror."

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Red-red-green in berlin: it won’t be fun

The coalition agreement is due to be signed next Thursday: What lessons for Red-Red-Green in Berlin can be learned from the U.S. election?

Protest of Berlin US-Americans against Donald Trump. Photo: DPA

Two epochal events within ten days: on Tuesday, Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States, and next Thursday – if the negotiations go through as planned – the first red-red-green coalition in Berlin should be in place. Both are caesuras, beyond their respective narrower contexts. And the two can be linked.

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