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Proceedings on the love parade disaster: defense attorneys attack expert report

Lawyers for the defendants question a key document in the indictment. Twenty-one people died and over 500 were injured in the tragedy in Duisburg.

Memorial candles for the victims of the accident. Photo: dpa

In the proceedings surrounding the Love Parade disaster in Duisburg, several lawyers for the defendants have attacked a key expert opinion for the prosecution. The defense attorneys would challenge the expert opinion both in terms of content and form, a spokesman for the Duisburg Regional Court said Friday. The court is currently considering whether to admit the prosecution. In the tragedy on July 24, 2010, 21 people were killed and more than 500 injured in Duisburg.

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Conservatives in great britain: trial of tears over corona

In Great Britain, the Conservatives are divided over the Corona strategy. Prime Minister Johnson opposes the lockdown-skeptic right wing.

Long postponed speech: Boris Johnson on Oct. 31 Photo: Alberto Pezzali/ap

It took a serious word to get British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to finally start on Saturday. For two hours, the BBC waited for his live address to begin and postponed its programs. When the broadcaster said it couldn’t sacrifice the hit TV show "Strictly Come Dancing" as well, the speech finally began. With a serious face, Johnson said nothing could be done about nature. Therefore, a new Coronalockdown would apply throughout England from Thursday, November 5, until December 3.

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Crisis in burundi: days of fear in bujumbura

Protests have not been held for a long time. Shortly before the presidential election, fear of armed confrontation prevails.

Back then they still dared: protesters in Bujumbura, early June. Photo: ap

As the policemen turn the corner, residents cautiously peek out of their courtyard gates. A few men venture into the narrow alley and peek where the uniformed men have disappeared to. "We don’t trust them, they shoot and kidnap people," says a 30-year-old who won’t give his name. Fear is running rampant.

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Preliminary investigation into 2014 gaza war: israel is furious with world court

The International Criminal Court in The Hague wants to open preliminary investigations into possible war crimes.

The ruins of a city: 2,000 Palestinians died in the Gaza war last year. Photo: dpa

Israeli leaders have reacted with great displeasure to the fact that the International Criminal Court (ICC) wants to open preliminary investigations against Israel for possible war crimes. The Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, on the other hand, are pleased.

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On the death of ernst augustin: fantastic fantasist

The unique, satirical, underrated writer Ernst Augustin is dead. He stood for a narrative that expanded genre and thought categories.

The writer Ernst Augustin at the Frankfurt Book Fair, 2003 Photo: Erwin Elsner/dpa/picture alliance

Ernst Augustin almost became famous. In 1966, he had been invited to the Group 47 conference in Princeton. In this shark tank of critics, he read an excerpt from a novel that was very well received. People talked about him a lot and praised him.

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Commentary freedom of the press: shaken republic

In Germany, people like to debate their finer points. Erdogan’s terror against press freedom, however, shatters the cozy routine here as well.

They don’t want to keep quiet yet: A "coup against the opposition," headlines Cumhuriyet after the arrests Photo: dpa

In Germany, we like to talk about freedom of the press. It is discussed at symposia and in editorials. Whether it is not affected when authorities stonewall. Whether it is endangered when fewer and fewer researchers are confronted with more and more PR people. Whether it is not shaken, the freedom of the press, if a part of the public denies the credibility of the media across the board. Important questions. But in the end, we have no idea what freedom of the press really means.

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Rent policy in social housing: maximum dissatisfaction

The Senate wants to reduce rents by linking them to income. However, a first draft on this has met with fierce criticism.

Kotti & Co activists at a demonstration in 2012 Photo: dpa

There was a remarkable amount of praise for the coalition agreement from urban policy initiatives, and even during the Holm affair there was an unusual unity between extra-parliamentary actors and the urban development department under Senator Katrin Lompscher (Left Party).

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Commentary surveillance: spy without a body

Hacked politicians’ phones, a lack of willingness to investigate on the part of state authorities, more and more new scandals. Why is there still no outrage?

Hackers are supposed to protect us – by any means necessary and without transparent control. Image: dpa

As a side note of Berlin’s political scene, the NSA scandal was flushed back into consciousness this week. The chairman of the Bundestag committee responsible for investigating the intelligence epic, Patrick Sensburg, may have had his cell phone hacked. The fact that this specially protected device was apparently able to fall into unauthorized hands without much trouble is noted with a shake of the head.

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Cultural scientist on heimatlieder: “the problem is the lyrics”.

The singer Heino gave the Minister of Homeland of North Rhine-Westphalia a record with songs that the SS once sang. A scandal?

At first, North Rhine-Westphalia’s Minister of Homeland Ina Scharrenbach (CDU) gladly accepted Heino’s gift. Then she distanced herself again Photo: F. Berger/dpa

site: Mr. Fischer, when you heard about the Heino gift, what was going through your mind?

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