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Possible new mayor of constance: the green-left charmer

Luigi Pantisano could be elected as the new mayor of Constance on Sunday. The leftist is supported by a broad alliance.

Poster boy for bourgeois as well as climate activists: Luigi Pantisano wants to become mayor of Constance Photo: private/dpa

The man already has a streetlamp bearing his name in Constance. The so-called Luigi Pantisano memorial luminaire illuminates a skaters’ square and is a reminder of the time when the studied urban planner started his first job as a neighborhood manager in Constance.

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Red-red-green in berlin: it won’t be fun

The coalition agreement is due to be signed next Thursday: What lessons for Red-Red-Green in Berlin can be learned from the U.S. election?

Protest of Berlin US-Americans against Donald Trump. Photo: DPA

Two epochal events within ten days: on Tuesday, Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States, and next Thursday – if the negotiations go through as planned – the first red-red-green coalition in Berlin should be in place. Both are caesuras, beyond their respective narrower contexts. And the two can be linked.

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Clean energy through hydrogen: the stuff dreams are made of

With its "hydrogen strategy," the German government wants to advance the energy transition. But before that, a lot of problems have to be solved.

Hydrogen is the most common chemical element in the universe – but not in the earth’s crust Photo: Alexander Limbach/imago

There was a six-month delay, many different drafts and a lot of back and forth, especially between the ministries for research, economy, environment and transport – but then the German government was finally able to present its widely announced "National Hydrogen Strategy" in June.

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Protests during the pandemic in chile: hunger in the capital city

In Santiago de Chile, residents of poor neighborhoods suffer from curfews. They are protesting – because the state is abandoning them.

Demonstrators in Santiago de Chile Photo: Esteban Felix/ap

"Hambre" (hunger) is written in luminous capital letters on a high-rise building in the center of Santiago. It is a light projection by the art collective Delight Lab. In October, when the uprising in Chile began, they had projected the word "Dignidad" (Dignity) on the same spot. The occasion this time is that the inhabitants of the poor and working-class neighborhoods of Santiago are protesting because they are suffering from hunger. Because of the strict curfews, they cannot work and have no income.

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Series: what’s next, germans (11): “we are assholes by birth”.

Milo Rau hosts the "World Parliament" in Berlin. A conversation about global justice and exploitative capitalism.

"In the cosmos of characters, there’s one more now: the refugee. I predict that one will still be there in twenty or fifty years. That’s not a fashion" – Milo Rau Photo: Anja Weber

Milo Rau is standing in the wings of his new play "Lenin" which premiered at the Berlin Schaubuhne in October. It is set in Lenin’s dacha outside Moscow. Rau had the country house built as a revolving stage. Now he pushes the button and Lenin’s deathbed turns around.

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