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Maritime conference in bremerhaven: agenda for the world’s oceans

The German government is easing the burden on shipowners and investing in port infrastructure. Deep-sea mining is also to be promoted.

Always forward, sailors, with the maritime economy. Photo: dpa

And another agenda. This time it will be valid for ten years and define Germany’s economic use of the world’s oceans. The new "Maritime Agenda 2025" is the result of the two-day National Maritime Conference in Bremerhaven. It creates "the perspective for a decade for the maritime economy," enthuses Uwe Beckmeyer (SPD), Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Economics and Maritime Coordinator of the German government. The agenda is to be adopted by the federal cabinet at the beginning of next year.

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Leipzig city record: “the cream cake no longer exists”.

Innkeeper Andreas Strobel experienced Leipzig in the early 1990s as a city of many opportunities. If he were younger, he would move on today.

Innkeeper Andreas Strobel wonders whether only coked-up architects are still at work in Leipzig Photo: Katharina Muller-Guldemeister

"I moved to Leipzig after the fall of the Wall. I thought: If everyone runs to the bananas, I’ll run in the other direction. So I quit my job as a social worker in the Wendland; I knew Leipzig from visits. When the Wall fell, I wanted to know where the city was going. Unfortunately, everything went haphazardly. Leipzig was a book city and had a wonderful trade fair. Any other city would have made something of it.

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Max kruse moves to 1. Fc union: iron eccentric

The signing of Max Kruse is a transfer coup for Union Berlin. Club and player have much more in common than you might think.

Appreciates the coolness factor: Kruse decides for 1. FC Union despite better offers Photo: dpa

Now, the number of followers in social media is not always meaningful to measure the popularity of a soccer club or footballer. But it does give an indication of popularity. And it shows that that of a player like Max Kruse, who has 410,000 subscribers on the Instagram platform, far exceeds that of Bundesliga club Union Berlin (107,000).

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Kreuzberg gerhart hauptmann school: raed saleh demands the impossible

The SPD parliamentary group leader surprises again. Instead of 120 apartments, he calls for continued operation as a school. But that is no longer legally possible.

Left-wing populist or just populist? Raed Saleh Photo: dpa

Raed Saleh again. The author of these lines once described the SPD parliamentary group leader as a "left-wing populist". The taz portrait included the sentence: "Maybe it’s not about content at all. Perhaps the advancement of his person is more important to the politician Raed Saleh than the advancement of the cause."

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Modern slavery in belarus: those who quit pay back their salary

Workers are emigrating in droves to neighboring countries. Belarusian dictator Lukashenko responds with bizarre punitive measures.

"A flawless democrat": Alexander Lukashenko. Photo: dpa

In Belarus, life is taking on increasingly absurd features. In the former Soviet republic, it is now not even possible to freely choose a job. "This is serfdom," criticizes trade unionist Alexander Yaroshuk in the capital Minsk.

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“Fridays for future” at the kirchentag: energetic nodding of the head

Of course, climate protection is also on the agenda at this year’s Kirchentag. But often only those who are already in agreement talk to each other.

Luisa Neubauer met with broad agreement on climate protection at the Kirchentag Photo: imago-images/epd

"The people who have contributed the least are the first victims of climate change," says Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, chairman of the Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany. And adds, "One part of humanity lives at the expense of the other part. This must stop." Great applause in the packed exhibition hall in Dortmund.

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Afrobeat column: nobel prize without peace

Congolese doctor Denis Mukwege is awarded for his fight against sexual war crimes. But what follows from this?

According to his own information, Mukwege’s foundation treats 2,000 to 3,000 people – per year Photo: Norwegian Church Aid / AP

What new can Congolese Denis Mukwege say when he receives the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo on Dec. 10, along with Iraqi Yezidi Nadia Murad? For the gynecologist who has saved tens of thousands of victims of sexualized war crimes at Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, it will be the 22nd international honor in ten years. But what does it actually accomplish?

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“The name of the rose” as a series: the amazon with the lightning bow

Only flower sex: Sky’s eight-part series based on Umberto Eco’s novel is unfortunately slick and drawn out.

Blessed are the series creators who can fall back on an unfilmed novel Photo: 11 Marzo Film/Palomar/TMG/SKY

Blessed are the series creators who can draw on a veritable novel template. That’s the lesson to be learned, I suppose, from the anger of "Game of Thrones" fans and their online petition, now drawn by the millions, demanding that the final season be rewritten by "competent writers." It was apparently a capital mistake to simply overtake George R. R. Martin, who has been working on the templates since 1996, and continue without him until the bitter end for Daenerys Targaryen and the fans.

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Novel about queer people in tv series: heaven is for traitors

The main character in Stephan Phin Spielhoff’s debut novel is writing a series with queer protagonists. And fails to sell it.

The LGBTQ scene is still fighting for its rights. Here on the streets of New York Photo: ap

One would have to change there only a few "small things" in the script of Fitz, then everything is in the box, think Thorsten and Yvonne of the TV station. "A gay main character is quite simply not feasible on the German market." It could be a headache for the management that … what? Fitz cuts them off: "… you want to produce a series with a gay sow in one of the three main roles." Fitz fights back tears. "He wonders about the pain. He’s not used to that kind of shit anymore." The series Fitz wrote is based on his life. His rural life as a teenager. Above all, it revolves around a traumatic breakup: Theo, his school friend and lover, once disappeared overnight.

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